Raviyoga in Muhurt


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Let us understand Muhurt and its benefits.

What is Ravi yoga

Today we will discuss a huge RajYoga named Raviyoga…

This is the Yoga the best Yoga ever for doing everything in life. This the Yoga which destroys all other negative yogas.

Also it gives best results to start something new and for good work you wish to do.

I am talking about Raviyoga, not Ravipushya yoga.

When Raviyoga comes

Yes, Raviyoga comes 2-3 times in a month.You can see it from Panchang also, when it comes in the month. Sometimes when we are confused due to other bad Yogas or we don’t know what to do, the muhurt is ok or not?

Is it good or bad

At that time you can check weather Raviyoga occurs? if yes then no need to see anything all is well and everything can be done will be results good.

So, this is the yoga you can trust.

Raviyoga and other yoga- difference

Other Yogas are not workin because they have some condititions to use but this yoga is not a conditioned bound.


If there are other Yogas even in your birth chart and you wants to go ahead because of emergency or no other way or due to time bound…go with it… no need to worry…

So that way you can get maximum benefits of it, just go through Panchang and check when it comes or on which date this yoga comes in a month and plane your next move… it will be good for you…

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