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About Us

Let’s Define our selves.

Our Approach and About Us

I, Chirag Kumar at Chiraag’s Astrology, believe in real values supported by our experience in Astrology.

We look at astrology from various aspects and do not base our readings on any biased beliefs.

About Us people wish to know because of curiosity.

Because, We focus on practical astrology and its application in the 21st century.

I have been fortunate in acquiring this divine knowledge over the last 25 years.
Thus, I have helped thousands of people by providing precise readings of their Kundli (Birthchart).
Because Astrology is a from of unsaid and unknown eye of God, we look in it will help us a lot.

Main instinct About Us

It is my passion to educate everyone about the true philosophy and power of astrology as a Vedic science.

We also believe in ‘Life is Beautiful’ but, Just because of misunderstanding Life we can not take any wrong decision.

We only believe in TIME, and we do not entertain or suggest any Vidhi-Vidhan, rituals, or Gem Stones.

So, Our objective is to guide you through difficult times, uplift and motivate you to achieve your goal in life.
Thus, This is all About Us, Thanks and Regards.

Chiraag’s Astrology

Chirag Kumar