Privacy Policy And Our Services

I write blogs on Astrology.

Also making videos on my YouTube Channel ‘Chiraag’s Astrology’.

Our Services and Privacy  Policy…

Privacy Policy-Mainly focused on how astrology affects us in our everyday lives.

I try to explain the various concepts and their impact in practical terms so that a common man can understand it.

Also put up YouTube videos to share my experience with as many people as possible.

I do offer personal Birth Chart Reading only by phone. Due to my busy schedule and the need to invest some time in your birth chart analysis.

I request you to schedule birth chart reading via email.

So for Our Services and Privacy  Policy, You can find my contact email under Contact Us.

After you email me, I will provide you with further instructions to schedule a phone consultation only.
We give the assurance that the e-mail addresses given for receiving our reports and services will be safe with us, as we will never disclose it to the third parties.

Chiraag’s Astrology, reserves the right to discontinue in whole or in part any portion of the website services or programs with or without notice.

Chirag Kumar