Home-Dear Friends

My Astrological journey till today force me to create this web site to connect with you people around the world.

Home of Astrological journey. I want to share my knowledge with you and also wish to connect with the language of practical Astrology.

My Aim is not only to inform you about planets and other norms of Astrology but i want you to don’t be afraid of any planets and its Mahadasha or Sadesati and Bad planetary positions in your birth chart.

So You need to understand first the basics of that Planets and their nature.

Do not run Behind blind faith, run behind real, calculated and logical and experienced Astrological  understandings.

Knowledge is power and half knowledge of anything can be destroy everything.

So We the Chiraag’s Astrology says Astrology is connected with our heart and also brain bur more than that it connected with our whole life, how can we run behind  without understanding it.

My Astrology is Home for me to get resolve problems..

Just Think…and believe chiraagsastrology.com is also your Home for know the future.

Best wishes…

Thanks and Regards

Chiraag’s Astrology.

Chirag Kumar