What is Birth Chart-Part-1

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Today, I would like to discuss about birth Chart.

What is Birth Chart Or Kundli Or Natal chart?…

What we learn in this
1.Do You Know?
2. What is Lagna bhava?
3.How many Bhava in Birth chart?

1.Do you Know? 

Let’s try to understand…there are mainly 9 planets in the sky. All are in their motion. They are moving in the space with different speed. 

Now, a new baby born on the earth, at the same time planets are still moving… but if we take a snapshot or a photograph of that planets at the time of a birth, it becomes a birth chart of the new born baby. 

Now check which planet is in which house in your chart…

Also, check which numbers are written in the chart.

Thus,The numbers in the birth chart are indicates the 12 moon signs. Each number in birth chart represents a particular moon sign.


Now at the time of birth of a child any of these moon sign rising in the east. Which enters in ‘Lagn Bhava’-the First house. 

Thus, Lagn bhava means the first House of the birth chart, but remember it’s not that in which written number 1.

 It may be 1 or 2 or 3…up to 12. Any sign indicator is written in this Bhava or House.

Lagn House is what?

because, Lagn is a Sanskrit word…which means to connect with…

So, when a child born he connect with the earth so it’s a called Lagna…


In a Birth Chart there are 12 Bhavas or Houses. Each house represents different things or matters. 

Thus, Each house is having a lord. Which is a lord of the sign the number written in the house.

So, this is the basic thing you can understand in a easy way.

Will  go ahead in next blog.

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