Jupiter Nature and effects


Jupiter Nature and effects

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1.Jupiter with some brief.

Jupiter is a planet of knowledge. Jupiter is effects very strongly at the age of 16. Jupiter gives religious views and nature. Jupiter is a master of all planets.

Remember, Jupiter loves yellow and also its color is yellow. Golden Yellow is a color of brightness of knowledge. Gold is its metal. Jupiter is very positive planet as we all know.

It gives us lesson of life in its way. Jupiter never reacts negative is not true.because there are some areas in Horoscope where some planets are playing different role.

Yes the Rahu plays Positive and Jupiter plays negative. How it happens and why? before understand that lets understand basics of Jupiter step by step.

2.Guru is having two Own Moon Signs as mentioned bellow.


Sagittarius( Dhanu) (9) and Pisces ( Meena) (12).


Jupiter gets Exalted in 4th Moon Sign named Cancer (Karka).

Also keep in mind Jupiter gets debilitated in 10th Moon sign named Capricorn (Makar).

Jupiter is a Karaka of 2nd House, 5th House, 9th, 10th and 11th house in Birth Chart.

because Karka is very important when they aspects their Karak house and they seats in their Karaka house. When Karka Aspects that house is  effects very good but when its not good or very bad when it seats in its own Karka bhava or House.

Thus when Jupiter seats in his House of karka it gives negative effects in his Mahadasha and gives positive results when it aspects.

Even in Antardasha and Pratyantar dasha it effects very strong.

So Jupiter gives this results and anyone can check in his Birth Chart.

Will learn more and more about Jupiter step by step.

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    1. Jupiter in 4th house is good if other planets are sitting in good places, don’t worry. Send Chirag sir email. He is very good and gives detailed consultation.

  1. Hello sir my Jupiter is placed in 12th house and I am a Capricorn ascendant. Please explain in your next video. Thanks

  2. Sir my dob 9feb1989,time 7:10PM,Gwalior, i never trust in astrology but after one incident astro changed my life.
    Sir i wanna ask as per my kundali.I can reach on a high post job in private or government job and wats about my economic parts i should do business or job

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