Mahurat and Yogas

Mahurat and Yogas Useful in Life

Mahurat and Yogas

Yoga and which are the Mahurats in Astrology, which are very important? 

There are so many words we heard in our daily routine or day today life.
Like Rahu kaal..Shubh mahurat, Ashubh mahurat, Gurukal, and many more…
But which are the effective Yogas and Mahurats we normaly don’t know but they are near by or in our hand but we missed out every day. also we rush to Pandits for particular mahurat.
Some times we pay a lot but cant get the proper timings..and feel sad about it. so if we have some knowledge of very small and very needful and effective 
which we can use in our very important work and get benefit of it.
So which are that Yoga and mahurats ?
First of all I would like to introduce some names of Yoga and Mahurats.
Gurupushyamrut yoga.
Ravi Pushya yoga.
Rahukal and Guru Kal.
Amrit Siddhiyoga.
Siddhi yoga.
And Many More…
But which Yogas  we can use at what time and for why and how ..this is very important…
So will start with Ravi Yoga in next session.
Stay blessed…
Good luck 

Chiraag’s Astrology
Chirag Kumar

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