Jupiter Transits In Virgo- Effects on All Moon Signs

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Today will talk on Jupiter Transit effects.

Jupiter entered 
from Leo to Virgo on 12 August 2016 and it will be there till 12 September 2017. So all Moon signs are already affected by This transit of Jupiter. 

So we have to check why, how and when and also what

Jupiter Transit effects will on all of of us.

First of all we have to know what is Jupiter?

Jupiter is a Teacher ‘ Guru’ of all ‘Devas’ . 

Jupiter normally effects positively. But  where he aspects, not good where he sits.

So if Jupiter is seating in any sign it is not good for that sign? No its not like that.

for example, if Jupiter is in 4th sign Cancer he became exalted so its a good, but in which house he sits is also very important.

also check the degrees he is having. also check the Nakshatra in which he is seating…and many more…

So you can not take any decision without  proper calculations.

Jupiter Transit effects is very Important this way.

Jupiter is not always Good or bad in any sign or any of the house. so be clear about this first. 

Jupiter is taking 13 months to move from one moon sign to another.

Sometimes is he goes Retrograde and also change the signs sometimes. also check in your Birth chart Jupiter is  retrograde at the time of Birth? if it is so, results will be something different….

So be check own Birth chart first …check all this positions and then reach to the conclusion.

From tomorrow we will discuss the

Jupiter Transit effects on all moon sign one by one…From Aries to Pisces…

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