Effects of Virgo Jupiter on Virgo

What are the effects of Virgo Jupiter on Virgo

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Jupiter entered from Leo to Virgo on 12 August 2016 and it will be there till 12 September 2017. So all Moon signs are already affected by This transit of Jupiter. 

Now Today will discuss the Virgo Moon Sign.

What are the effects on Virgo during this period?

For Virgo Jupiter enters in your own Moon Sign. Thus in the First House, The House of Psychology of Mind…Thoughts.

So your mind will be change due to knowledge and brightness. You can get books related knowledge regarding field you love.

Now Jupiter aspects 3 places from where he sits.

Thus,5th, 7th and 9th houses from this Jupiter.

Let’s Talk 5th Aspect is 5th house…

Because of The House of Child, Study, Love and Lottery. these are the areas which are the best in results. you get benefited by these areas. 

Thus 7th Aspect is 7th House which is house of marriage partner and business partner.

So,marriage is possible and new establishment in business is also possible.

New partnership will be good for you. 

9th Aspect is 9th House which is house of Luck and Dharma.

Your luck will be signing.

So all sides are Powerful for you.


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