Effects of Virgo Jupiter on Sagittarius/Jupiter effects Sagittarius

What are the Effects of Virgo Jupiter on Sagittarius

Jupiter effects Sagittarius
Virgo Jupiter effects on Sagittarius

Jupiter effects Sagittarius in 2017 Also, how?-Jupiter entered from Leo to Virgo on 12 August 2016 and it will be there till 12 September 2017. So all Moon signs are already affected by This transit of Jupiter. 

Now Jupiter effects Sagittarius, Today will discuss the Sagittarius Moon Sign.We believe or not but effects are there, every moon sign and every person facing effects of planetary changes. So, Batter we should aware of it. Also time by time we have to check our horoscope and running planetary positions and their effects. 

What are the effects on Sagittarius during this period?

For Sagittarius  Jupiter enters in 10th house from Sagittarius  Moon Sign. Sagittarius is Number 9 Moon sign in your Birth Chart and Number 6 indicates Virgo Moon Sign where Jupiter enters in your it. 

Thus the 10th House, The House of Father, Job, Business.

So, you can get  good results regarding these areas. yes you will Get new job or New Business. Father may give you his Property or Blessings…so be happy during this period.

Aspects-Jupiter effects Sagittarius

Now Jupiter aspects 3 places from where he sits.

That means 5th, 7th and 9th houses from this Jupiter.

Because 5th Aspect will in 2nd house,which is House of Money and speech. You need to be careful during this period.

Now, 7th Aspect will be in 4th house which is house of property and land, vehicle and mother. You get 100% benefit from these areas.

Also, 9th Aspect will be on 6th house which give you protection from enemy and also disease. So its a good time for you Sagittarius.

Good luck during Virgo Jupiter effects Sagittarius…

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What are the effects of Virgo Jupiter on Gemini Moon Sign…

What are the effects of Virgo Jupiter on Gemini?

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Jupiter entered from Leo to Virgo on 12 August 2016 and it will be there till 12 September 2017. So all Moon signs are already affected by this transit of Jupiter. 

Now Today will discuss the Gemini Moon Sign. What are the effects on Gemini during this period?

1.For Gemini, Where Jupiter enters in their Birth Chart:

For Gemini, Jupiter enters in 4th House. the House of Property, Vehicle, Mother and Heart.

So you can see that effects on related matters. if you are trying to buy a house it will happen after April 2017. Also you can plan for abroad will possible. Your mother will cure. You can fulfill the dream of Mother. You also able to get good vehicle during this time.

2.Where Jupiter Aspect :

Now Jupiter aspects 3 place from where he sits.

5th, 7th and 9th house.

So in this case Virgo Jupiter, he aspects 8th House. You can get old property. Unknown money.  And also cured in old disease.

10th House, so you can change your job or business or you can get progress in the same. Also your father will help you in your aim. 

12th house…House of abroad and loss. but don’t worry your loss will be your investment in future. also you can take a visit abroad.

More powerful results after April 2017.

So this is it for Virgo Jupiter effects on Gemini Moon Sign.

Good Luck Gemini…  

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