Learn Astrology-Something you need to know first

Learn Astrology-Something you need to know first

Learn Astrology
To Learn Astrology is very important to understand first
Today we will learn something-Learn Astrology before use or predict something.
To Learn Astrology,there are so many thing to know first and also to remember for ever.
Because, When some one predict something about someone it is very important to count all aspects of birth chart.

like planet position, their sign where they seated, houses they aspects and planets who aspects them. 

Also Mahadasha, degrees and other charts as well.

Yes, After all this accurate way should be maintained.
Thus, if some one just see the first and only Natal chart and predict something or everything will be harm full to others and himself also.
So before to say anything one should be prepare for read everything and also ready to take proper time to understand everything instead of doing hurry for satisfy own ego and to impress others. 

Learn Astrology-Also we have to gather knowledge of all areas of Astrology first and then count all this and you can go ahead.

One more thing I would like to include is that as we know, no one in the world is complete in anything, same way no one can reach at 100% in Astrology.

This is very deep and very giant subject to learn, so it takes a lot of time to understand.

Learn Astrology-After the reading and learning for years and years, one should realized still he is not complete. 

There are many kind of method to predict in Astrology and all are such a effective in their manners.

So big Question is that,Whom to follow. Just understand this first also is very important. So go through all type of Astrology and its style. Here you get the very basics with entertainment.

All the best to all…

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Chirag Kumar