Gemini and Saturn-Saturn Transit Effects on Gemini ( Mithuna) Moon Sign

Gemini and Saturn-2017


Gemini and Saturn

Gemini and Saturn
Saturn will effects on Gemini


Timing  :

Gemini and Saturn-Saturn will transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26 January 2017.

So this change will give a big effect to all moon signs.

So the effects will be starts working silently from beginning of January.

Now let us discuss today Third moon sign Gemini ( Mithuna)   moon sign.

How do you know you are Gemini moon Sign :

Now first of all how can you know Gemini ( Mithuna)  is your moon sign? let me explain you.

Take your Birth Chart. See in it, there are 1 to 12 numbers are written in your birth chart.

Now check where the number ‘ 3’ is written. now see that planet ‘ Moon’ is seating where number ‘3’ is written? if yes then your moon sign is Gemini ( Mithuna)  

So if once again you can confirm where the ‘Moon’ and ‘3’ both are together in the same place, your moon sign is Gemini ( Mithuna).  

Effects on You : Gemini and Saturn

Now what effects will be on you after when Saturn will transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. 

Sagittarius is the sign which is 7th from Gemini ( Mithuna)  . So where number 9 is written in your birth chart, Saturn will entering there.

Now Saturn is in your 7th house, which is the house of Marriage Life and Life Partner. Business Partner, Partnership.

And Saturn loves and believes in Truth, Reality and Justice.

So Saturn will give you different Angle of thinking related above mentioned matters. 

If you are in business with Partnership and your Partner is good then all is well but if your Partner is not good for you, or cheater, Saturn will Punish him or Her.

The same is happen to you also if you are not real, remember this.  

You love the subjects of business related studies. If you are planning for any business with partnership you may get supported.

You have to be faith full with your spouse also.

If you are Unmarried and your seventh lord which is Jupeter is also aspected by Saturn, you will get marry in this time of Saturn Transit.  

Gemini and Saturn check first Saturn Aspects :

Now Saturn have 3 means Saturn is watching 3 places from where he sits in your Birth chart.

So he has three eyes to see three places. which is called Aspects.

1.Saturn Aspects 3rd place from where he Sits.(It means Saturn in 7th house in which he sits and number ’11’ is written in your Natal Chart Or Birth Chart Where Saturn Aspects.)

2.Saturn Aspects 7th place from where he Sits.(It means number ‘3’ is written in your Natal Chart Or Birth Chart.Where Saturn Aspects.)

3.Saturn Aspects 10th place from where he Sits.(It means number ‘6’ is written in your Natal Chart Or Birth Chart.Where Saturn Aspects.)

Now Results of these Aspects-Gemini and Saturn

Saturn Aspects your 9th house, which is a house of  Religion and  Luck.

Also a house of Rituals. Saturn is owner of this house in your chart, because Saturn owns ’10’ and ’11’ number moon sign which are known as ‘Capricorn’ And ‘Aquarius’ respectively.

So Saturn will make you think about Luck, Rituals and Religious.

If you are planning to visit any Temple or Religious place you can. Saturn will be helpful in that. your visit at Abroad is confirmed in this time.

7th Aspects-Gemini and Saturn

Now Saturn will Aspects 7th from where he sits, so he Aspects on your 3rd house of Chart. Where number 3 is written.

It is your First house, house of body and Mind. also Physique. so you are taking care of your self.

Some disease you dont know will suddenly come out and you will get relief from it. Also you will be get clarity in your thoughts. You Should favor truth.

10th Aspects

Now Saturn will Aspects 10th from where he sits, so he Aspects on your 4th house of Chart.

Where number 6 is written. it is your house of Mother, Vehicles, Land, Property. so you can get benefit from all these areas. 

Now here most important thing is that Saturn believes in Truth, Reality and Justice. So if you are with these all three things you will get good results.

Another Important things

And also another important thing is – Saturn is a slowest planet among all.

It take Two and half years to transit from one place to another.

So you have to think in business. Job abroad or everything must be in slow motion and long term.

If you go faster you will fell down. so invest money in long term planning.

Do not afraid of Saturn, just understand Saturn.

So Saturn will help you if you follow Saturn.That’s it for Gemini and Saturn.

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God Bless You.

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