Numbers And Numerology- Effect on life

Numbers are very Important in life…Numerology


1.What is Numbers and Numerology?

2.Why Numbers are Important..

3.How Numbers Connected with life by Numerology…


1.What is Numbers and Numerology?


Numbers are as we know it starts from 0 to 9. They are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0.

Because we born on the day is called our birth day also we remember with number. Suppose someone born on 12-09-2003, it’s a date of birth which only made by numbers.

Thus, first day of life start with and connected with numbers.

Now it also connect with birth time, which is again a number. So numbers are with us from the time of birth.

Even from Childhood, there is a age of school, age for college, age for job and business and age for marriage are only numbers.

So school standards, bank balance, roll numbers, age years are numbers.

Also Money we wish to have in accounts having only Numbers.

Contact, Home, Office, Vehicles all are connected with numbers and people only recognized by it.

When a person die, the time and  date will also be there.

2.Why Numbers are Important..

Numbers are reflections of nature and also  reflections of our Nature and body.

Always Numbers reacts all hour thoughts of mind.

Thus Numbers creates our life path with age numbers. Also they creates our journey with age number and success with years.

We target a Goal in life but when numbers of age increase and still not get that results, we feel depressed. Thus Numbers effects on us.

3.How Numbers Connected with life by Numerology…

They are with us, and also follows us. Yes Numbers are following us. Every time you can observe that and find it true.

Check your date of birth and you can see that the some of the numbers are every time comes in front of you and saying i am here with you.

They effects positive and negative both the way. Because some Numbers are good for us and some are bad for us.

It means some numbers are good for some people and the same numbers are not good for other, because its a game of numbers.

Today we herd a word called digital life, it is due to digits. So we are on Number Mode of life now.

We have to know the Numbers effects on our Life is very Important.

That’s why we go with Numerology  and how it affects on people. Every aspects of numbers in our life will discuss in this segment one by one.

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