Jupiter And Rahu Chandal Yoga -Understanding is Must

What is Jupiter-Rahu Chandal yoga? :

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Today will discuss how Guru(Jupiter)-Rahu ‘Chandal’ yoga created in Kundli or Birth-Chart and what are the effects of this particular yoga.

We go through these points, which are Most Important.

1.How it creates?

2. How it effects.

3.How we can take this yoga in our life.

4. what are the rituals we can do for

1.How it creates?

This yoga is created by Jupiter and Rahu in your birth chart, if these two planets sitting together in any of the house of our birth chart creates Jupiter-Rahu OR Guru-Rahu  ‘Chandal’ yoga.

Thus this yoga is very important in one’s Kundli, because there are a lot of people who are Millionaire and billionaire and this yoga in their Birth Chart, They become beggar at least once in their life.

2. How it effects.

Now we think this yoga in our Kundli and we are Millionaire and we will become beggar? No it’s not like that, let’s try to understand.

Sometimes people have money, people have a luxury. luxurious things in their life but at one point one should not able to use that power of money.

People cannot use anything they have in this Guru-Rahu  ‘Chandal’ yoga because when time effects.

Also, they are staying at their home only, their money in the accounts… millions and billions…and their luxurious Bungalows and cars and everything is there… but they are not able to use that…

Even the cell phone also and they become poor though they are rich…they don’t know what to do and  what not to do..?
Because,This Yoga makes a person helpless…this is the yoga which creates silence in life, which creates a person dissatisfied…

one cannot move just a single step and this situation comes again and again in their life.

These effects come for many times and for small and big periods. According to Mahadasha and Aantar- Pratyantar dashas of Guru(Jupiter) or Rahu.

Because Gochara Bhraman( Daily Movements) of Guru(Jupiter)- Rahu also important.

‘This’ Guru-Rahu  ‘Chandal’ yoga. doesn’t snatch Money or Power for ever but this Yoga remove these luxury from for some while …

It may be for a Day or a Month or a Year and more…depends on planets situated in Birth-Chart.
I strongly believe that there are no rituals, No Stones or Not any kind of things can change the planet positions in Birth Chart.

3.How we can take this yoga in our life.

One has to face this yoga and situation created by this yoga. also remember if someone believe in God or not one has to pray to Lord Shiva.

Because, Shiva is the lord of the place called ‘ Smashaan’ which is Hindu cremation ground, where dead bodies are brought to be burnt on pyre and the person who stays this place is called ‘ CHANDAL’…

Thus, you can understand that this ‘Chandal’ yoga gives a person a life of ‘Chandal’ who don’t believe in life or death… he has no emotions for dead body…he is flat eyes…
Same way the person having ‘Chandal’ yoga in his kundli…is having the same moral…but after Jupiter Rahu ‘Chandal’ yoga’s first reaction he face in life. He has to face some reality of life step by step.
So, it doesn’t make a person poor but make him realize that what is life and death is only truth of life…

Thus, Money, property or Jewels are useless at time of urgency…Sometimes…this is Guru-Rahu  ‘Chandal’ yoga.

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4. what are the rituals we can do for

Don’t afraid of  ‘Guru-Rahu  ‘Chandal’ yoga…Just Pray Lord Shiva…because he is only a solution.
That’s it for Guru-Rahu  ‘Chandal’ yoga..
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Chirag Kumar