Gem Stones…Effects?

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Gem Stones…

Why we need it?

If we the human being are precious than any other thing on this earth, why we need Stones to become reach or healthy? Or  for any other reasons.

Our Body is made by 5 Panch Mahabhut. Its a Shree Yantra it self. so if you wear a costly stone and thinking it will help you… it’s not possible. Only  believe in yourself.

 Make  your body that powerful to grasp energy from Rays and God. Which creates an Aura…that reflects from your body. So it effects more power full then any other thing in the world. 

Also a calculation of Timing in birth chart is very important…if you have knowledge of that time you will find that time is everything…

thus,I am talking about timing of Gochar Planets and Mahadasha  and Degrees of planets.

If one knows these things properly, you find Astrology is a real.

Not any kind of Vidhi Vidhan will work for anyone if the time is good or bad. because, only Time will work. 

So believe in Accuracy of Timings is very important in Astrology. If you have accurate Birth time and Birth Date and Birth Place, you have accurate Horoscope or Birth Chart.

So all calculations will be accurate and you can check your future from these timings. There Are MahaDasha, AntarDasha and Pratyantar Dasha to count time.

Also, Different charts. and other aspects can reflect your future. nothing else like Gemstones can play or have any capacity to change your time and future.

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