Effects of Virgo Jupiter on Scorpio-2017

Virgo Jupiter Effects on Scorpio

1.Jupiter in Virgo Duration:

Jupiter entered from Leo to Virgo on 12 August 2016 and it will be there till 12 September 2017. So all Moon signs are already affected by This transit of Jupiter. Yes Virgo Jupiter Effects started.

Now Today will discuss the Scorpio Moon Sign and Virgo Jupiter Effects..

What are the effects on Scorpio during this Virgo Jupiter Effects period?

For Scorpio Jupiter enters in 11th from Scorpio  Moon Sign.

In the 11th House, The House of Laksmi(Money).

2. Virgo Jupiter Effects in House in Horoscope :

So you can get  good results regarding these areas. Yes you will be happy during this period.

Now Jupiter aspects 3 places from where he sits.

Thus,5th, 7th and 9th houses from this Jupiter.

So,Effects of Virgo Jupiter 5th Aspect is in your 3rd House which gives you the new power and you may be establish new business and adventure. gain from that.

Also 7th aspect is 5th house so child birth, study abroad and love life will be happy and positive areas.

Same way 9th Aspect is 7th house so marriage can be possible and also new partnership is there in business.Also check other combinations in your Birth chart.

So, this Effects of Virgo Jupiter  transit gives you good results.

Good Luck Scorpio…

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