HORA- In Mahurat Shashtra

HORA Understanding…

HORA in Mahurat
Mahurat Shashtra

Hora is very important in Muhurt Shastra. Mahurat Shashtra is very important in life, Because it shows us a good or bad time to start work and anything which is important to us.

What is HORA :

This is very old and effective method for use our different kind of work with different Horas.

They are Named by Sun, Moon, Marsh, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

Each Hora known as the name by the planet owns that particular time.

Starts and Ends :

It starts from Sun rise to Sun Set and Sun Set to Sun Rise.

Each hora having a one hour time. Every hour it changes. 

Example :

If it starts with Morning Sunrise at 6 A.M., with Moon hora than after 1 hour at 7 A.M. the next will be starts.

Now Everyday it starts with different planet name.

It’s Good and Bad :

Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are generally called good which we can use for good work and rituals.

Mars, Sun and Saturn are called not Good.

So one should avoid them in important work.

But i think its depends on your moon sign and also a work you want to do in that Hora, yes every Hora of every planet are used for different kind of work.

So you need to decide which work you want to do, then check them…it is ok for that Hora or not first you also have to check…then only start working on it.

Now one more thing I would like to concern is you should know first which the best hora for you, it depends on the work you wish to do.

Also it is depend on your planets which are good or bad in your horoscope.

Also one should check his or her moon sign, which affects a lot. 

Because its very wast area, so will go step by step.

Yes will discuss next which hora for which work..

That’s it

All the best..

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