Jupiter Effects and How Important In Our Life

Jupiter Effects
Guru is Very important in life.

 Guru Jupiter Effects  and Importance in our life-How.

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Jupiter Effects is very important in life. Jupiter is the Guru or Teacher of Dev’s(God.) He always talks truth. He always shares knowledge. He always speaks reality and positivism. How? Let’s understand…

Thus, Jupiter is the planet who gives positive results in Birth chart or Horoscope normally. Guru is a planet of knowledge and Positive thoughts. Normally people said if Jupiter (Guru) seats in which place is very bad and he aspects from where he seats is very good in Birth chart. But I found it in different manners.

Yes, Jupiter aspect is not always good and also not bad the place where he seats because the position of Jupiter in your horoscope is very important. Where he seats, in which moon sign, in which Nakshtra, how much degree he is having and also where he aspects in which moon sign i mean to say, on which other planet he aspects and which are the planets aspects on Jupiter, and important is which Mahadasha is going on.

So, after understanding these all things you can decide how Jupiter will effects on you.

The Aura of Jupiter Effects is very effective and impact full in our life as well as in our Horoscope.

Because, I have seen in many Horoscope and Jupiter Effects in it, where he seats, he keeps the positivism and all matters related that place Jupiter keeps in his control. He checks that whether this is the time to give you these thing related the house where he seats is a good time or not for you? if it’s a good time for you than he will give you for sure and same as not give you if it’s not good for you. So i can say Jupiter will seat in 12th house and also you loss some money, but that money will be investment kind of loss-Understand?

Yes Due to Jupiter Effects, it will invest your money in positive site. Also Jupiter gives you the maturity related the place where he seats.

Now,Jupiter aspects with three different eyes. We can say he aspects 3 places from where he seats.

  1. Jupiter aspects 5th places from where he seats.
  2. Jupiter aspects 7th places from where he seats.
  3. Jupiter aspects 9th places from where he seats.

Also Jupiter Mahadasha is very Important in life. Will discuss on that very deeply later on.

Jupiter is owner of 2 moon signs. Which are Sagittarius(9th) and Pisces(12th).

Will discuss Jupiter Effects step by step which detail and also effects of Jupiter in our Birth Chart and Horoscope.

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