Something is Important in Astrology…


What is important in Astrology?

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There are so many people around the world are interested to see their future and there are more then them who are interested in see others future. 

Thus they start reading books and also start reading future of others. 

But this is not the correct way. One should need to prepare properly and take full time to understand it, which takes years of time. 

After learned all things one should check the experiences of others life and try to connect with birth chart, planets. People tray to get conclusions from it without predictions.

Invest years to get ready, don’t go unknowingly and hurriedly. Because you may wrong in your prediction and more then that some one is watching his future from your eyes….

Your respected eyes…

Thus, there are so many aspect of astrology are must to know, otherwise it will take you one wrong path…

Which are they?

Will discuss partly…

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