What are the effects of Virgo Jupiter on Leo…

What are the effects of Virgo Jupiter on Leo…


Jupiter entered from Leo to Virgo on 12 August 2016 and it will be there till 12 September 2017.


So all moon signs are already affected by this transit of Jupiter. 

Now Today will discuss the Leo Moon Sign. What are the effects on Leo during this period?

  1. What are the effects on Leo…


For Leo Jupiter enters in 2nd House, The House of Money and Speech. So you need to think both the things.


Because Jupiter blocked these areas for some time and release near May – June- 2017.

 You can speak real but with softness, will help you a lot.

  1. Where Jupiter aspects

Now Jupiter aspects 3 place from where he sits.

Thus 5th, 7th and 9th houses from where Jupiter is seating.

  1. Effects of aspects

5th aspect is 6th House. Which is the house of Disease and Enemy.

So these areas are good for you. People who are not your friend will favor you.

 Enemies will drop their negative thoughts about you. Also disease will get cured and good result about it.

7th aspect is 8th house which is a house of Death and unknown Money.

You can earn this money from unknown sours…and also you are safe from danger  during this period  of time.

9th Aspect is 10th house which is house of Job, business and father.

Thus you get progress in job and also get promotion. New business can establish in this time.

 Relation with father will improve and you can make him proud.

Also you can watch my YouTube Videos on this.

Good Luck Leo…

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